Den Haag,

Promises Go Politics

On the Dutch Parliament’s first day back after summer recess, we engaged in some great conversations with Dutch Members of Parliament about our promises.

Together with my Tele2 counterpart, Jon James, I spoke to key politicians about our intended merger and the benefits it would bring to the Netherlands. The government has drawn up a plan of action, which outlines its ambitions in relation to digital connectivity in the years to come. We are convinced that our promises fit in perfectly within those ambitious goals. After the merger all Dutch consumers will benefit from:

  • More freedom of choice

  • More innovation

  • Better prices

To draw attention to our state-of-the art technology we had our T-RAD (T-Mobile Rapid Antenna Deployment) installed right in front of the main entrance to Parliament. This antenna shows how future minded we are, because it is already 5G ready. Currently, our T-RAD is deployed in case mobile networks need a boost at locations where there is great demand for mobile data. For example at large scale events or in case of disasters when the regular network is faced with challenges. We need our combined networks to roll out 5G nationwide. After we merge and integrate our networks, we can launch 5G services at a flick of a switch.

Together with Jon and our teams we had great conversations with, Arne Weverling, Jessica van Eijs, Joba van den Berg, Martin Wörsdörfer, Eppo Bruins and Tom van der Lee. We shared our promises with basically the entire parliament and various ministers. Together with Tele2 we are making sure that everybody knows the competition is on:

  • We launch nationwide 5G in 2020

  • We commit to roll-out fiber and not to raise fixed internet access pricing beyond inflation

  • We continue to offer unlimited data for maximum €25

  • We offer all customers a “no lock-in” option

  • We will make a 100Mbit/s broadband speed available to close the digital divide in the Netherlands

The Members of Parliament were enthusiastic and it was an excellent joint effort by T-Mobile and Tele2.

It was a great start of the morning and an exciting start of the Parliamentary Year!

Best Søren